International Conference

Korean-Japan Workshop on Acupuncture and EBM
- The Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

The Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(JSAM) is the center of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, reorganized from the traditional Japan Society of Medical Acupuncture(JSMA) and Japan Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society(JAMS) under the necessity of the society with legal status in response to ever-proceeding advancement in medical acupuncture and related areas and active joint research with Western medical scientists.
In an attempt to globalize Korean Medicine, The Society of Korean Medicine(SKOM) had tried to initiate exchange agreement with The Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(JSAM) since 2002. SKOM signed Korea-Japan Acupuncture Exchange Agreement with The Korean Acupuncture & Moxibustion Society(KAMS) and The Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(JSAM) in a signing ceremony held at Chosun Hotel in Seoul on February 14th, 2004.

History of JSAM

History of JSAM
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
9 2018 Osaka, Japan Clinical Practice Guideline in Japan and Korea: An Update of Recent Progress
8 2017.3.26 Jeonju, Korea Safety of Acupuncture
7 2016.6.10~12 Sapporo, Japan Translational research of Acupuncture
6 2014.10.19 Seoul, Korea sham acupuncture
5 2013.6.7~9 fukuoka, Japan Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline for Acupuncture
4 2012.9.16 COEX, Seoul Acupuncture Medicine and Evidence-based Medicine - Clinical Practice Guideline for Acupuncture Download
3 2006.6.16~18 Kanazawa, Japan Protocol development for the acupuncture trial on the osteoarthritis of the knee Download
2 2005.10.22 EXCO, Daegu Recent development of clinical trial on Musculoskeletal disease Download
1 2004.6.11 Chiba, Japan Proposal of clinical trials for the future Japan-Korea collaboration Download

World Integrative Medicine Congress
- Chinese Associtaion of Integrative Medicine(CAIM)

Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine(CAIM) is the incorporated academic association established by integrated medical science professionals in compliance with laws. The primary goal is to contribute to public health service for people and society by various means: prospering, developing, and spreading integrated medical technology, educating technology professionals, and counseling about integrated medical technology.
Having signed an exchange agreement with CAIM in Hangzhou, China on September 22th, 2006, The Society of Korean Medicine has endeavored for the development of traditional medicine as well as public health in both countries.

History of CAIM

History of CAIM
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
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1 2007. 9. 21 Dongbang Hotel, Guangzhou, China Tradition, creation, harmony and development

Taipei Traditional Chinese Medicine International Forum
- Taiwan Chunghwa Chinese Medicine Society(CCMS)

Taiwan Chunghwa Chinese Medicine Society(CCMS) is a non-profit incorporated association established under the following purposes and missions: 1)to develop members’ medical knowledge by inheriting tradition and creating methods of fundamentals, clinical education, research, and treatment of Chinese medicine; 2)to provide high quality medical service to the society; 3)to develop Chinese medicine through exchange and collaboration activities with domestic and international medical associations, and further improve health and welfare for all the people.
The Society of Korean Medicine(SKOM) signed an academic exchange agreement with CCMS in a signing ceremony in SKOM office on May 29th, 2008.

History of CCMS

History of CCMS
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
3 2012.3.17 International Conference Center, National Taiwan University Hospital SKOM-CCMS Academic Exchange Symposi
2 2011.10.8 Conference Room, The Society of Korean Medicine Traditional Medicine Policies in Both Countries / Discussion for Maintaining Continuous Academic Exchange
1 2009.7.12 International Conference Center, National Taiwan University Hospital Research Paper Presentation : The Treatment Efficacy of Paeonia Lactiflora Pharmacopuncture for Arthritis Using a Measuring Device for Weight Distribution Ratio

Korea-Japan Medical Symposium
- Japan Society for Oriental Medicine

Japan Society for Oriental Medicine(JSOM) was founded in 1950 in order to progress and spread oriental medicine through relevant business and thus contribute to the academic culture improvement and human welfare. Major services include holding symposium, publishing journals and other publications, taking a charge of medical specialist system, conducting research related to oriental medicine, and exchanging with domestic and international associations.
The Society of Korean Medicine(SKOM) signed an academic exchange agreement with JSOM in JSOM office in Tokyo on March 29th, 2009.

History of JSOM

History of JSOM
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
24 2023.06.16.~18 Convention Center Fukuoka, Japan The 73th JSOM Symposium
-Yukmi-Ji Hwangtang
23 2022.11.1. Online, Korea 2022 National Korean Medicine Symposium
-Presentation of clinical and basic medicine on kamigubitang, kamigubitang
22 2022.5.29. Online, Japan The 72th JSOM Symposium
-Presentation of clinical and basic medicine on kamigubitang, kamigubitang
21 2021.11.10. Online, Korea 2021 National Korean Medicine Symposium
-Clinical application Kamiso Yosan
20 2021.8.14. Online, Japan The 71th JSOM Symposium
-Kamiso Yosan
19 2019.9.29. Daejeon Convention Center 2019 National Korean Medicine Symposium
-Clinical application of Shanghanlun prescription
18 2019.6.28.~30. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, Japan The 70th JSOM Symposium
-The succession of tradition and the challenge to the near future
17 2018.10.7. BEXCO, Busan 2018 National Korean Medicine Symposium
-Korean remedies for colds
16 2018.6.8~10. convention center, Osaka The 69th JSOM Symposium- Functional Dyspepsia
15 2017.11.5 Conference Room, COEX, Seoul 2017 National Korean Medicine Symposium--Clinical Use of Bojungikki-tang
14 2016.6.3~5. Sunport hall, Takamatsu The 67th JSOM Symposium-Introduction of Ojeoksan usage in clinics
13 2015.10.25 Conference Room, COEX, Seoul 2015 National Korean Medicine Symposium-Usage of Traditional Medicine Herbal Prescriptions for Musculoskeletal Diseases
12 2015.6.12~14. International conference hall, Toyama The 66th JSOM Symposium-Characteristics of Traditional Medicine Viewed from the Aspect of Frequent Prescription
11 2014.8.31 Conference Room, COEX, Seoul 2014 National Korean Medicine Symposium-Proposal for Korea-Japan Clinical Trial
10 2014.6.27~29 Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo The 65th JSOM Symposium- Status and Prospect of Traditional Medicine Education
9 2013.5.31~6.1 Shiroyama Hotel, Kagoshima The 64th JSOM Symposium-Dementia in the availability of traditional medicine Download
8 2012.9.15 Conference Room, COEX, Seoul The 16th ICOM : Kore-Japan Medical Symposium-Incurable Diseases Download
7 2012.6.29~7.1 Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto The 63rd JSOM Symposium-
1. Joint Treatment System of Korean Medicine and Western Medicine
2. Application of Korean Medicine in Cancer Treatment
6 2011.11.6 Auditorium, The Association of Korean Medicine, Seoul 2011 National Korean Medicine Symposium-Autonomic Nervous Diseases Download
5 2011.6.10~12 Sapporo Convention Center, Hokkaido The 62nd JSOM Symposium-
1. Position of Four-Constitution Medicine in Korean Medicine
2. Clinical Application of Korean Medicine for Inpatients
4 2010.10.31 Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul 2010 National Korean Medicine Symposium-The Role of Korean Medicine as Treatment Medicine Download
3 2010.6.4~6 International Conference Center, Nagoya The 61st JSOM Symposium-Exchange History of Traditional Medicine between Korea and Japan Download
2 2009.11.22 Grand Ballroom, COEX, Seoul 2009 National Korean Medicine Symposium-Evidence Based Korean Medicine Download
1 2009.6.19~21 Azur Hotel, Tokyo The 60th JSOM Symposium-Trends of Traditional Medicine in Korean and Japan Download

Association of Korean Asian Medicine and Acupuncture of California

The California Oriental Medicine Association is located in Los Angeles, California, and is the largest Korean-American medical association in the United States, estalished in 1975. The AKAMAC is working to improve the health and quality of life of Korean-Americans and to improve the rights and interests of Korean medicine doctors, enhance their status, and develop the Korean medicine industry. In addition, it is a non-profit corporation that has been carrying out various projects such as improving members' skills and qualities and community service through seminars and conservative education, representing oriental medical doctors.
The Society of Korean Medicine held the 16th International Congress of Korean Medicine in Las Vegas from July 29 to 31, 2016, and signed a Memorandum of understanding(MOU) for mutual cooperation. Since then, the SKOM has participated in the annual academic conference in Las Vegas, where striving to exchange academic exchanges and information on the globalization of oriental medicine, and to provide practical academic support and benefits to its members.

History of AKAMAC

History of AKAMAC
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
5 2019.9.14.~15 Dongguk university, LA Campus International Congress of Korean Medicine
4 2018.10.27 Dongguk university, LA Campus The 5th Academic Conference on Korean Medicine
3 2018.7.20.~22 Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas The 18th International Congress of Korean Medicine
2 2017.8.11.~14 California Carnival Cruise The 3rd Academic Conference on Korean Medicine
1 2016.7.29.~31 Luxor Las Vegas The 16th International Congress of Korean Medicine


International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques(ICMART) was established in 1983 in Vienna, Austria, to identify and exchange acupuncture & moxibustion research trends around the world. It is associated with about 80 acupuncture associations and universities and represents 35,000 clinicians and technicians who practice acupuncture as medical practice. ICMART encourages research on the efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of acupuncture based on evidence-centered medicine. In addition, They are making great efforts to raise awareness of acupuncture in EU countries.
On September 7, 2018, the Society of Korean Medicine(SKOM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Conference on Academic Exchange (ICMART-iSAMS 2018) in Munich, Germany. The two organizations agreed △to cooperate on policies, medical systems, academic information and education in the field of acupuncture, △to foster friendly relations between universities, hospitals and related institutions in each region, and △to cooperate in exchange and support for academic competitions. It is very meaningful that the Society of Korean Medicine joined the doctor-centered ICMART to contribute to enhancing the status of Korean medicine in the international community and to secure a network of direct communication with doctors from various countries.

History of ICMART

History of ICMART
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
9 2024.09.27.~29 Korea, Jeju Island ICMART Conference
8 2023.09.29.~10.1 Amsterdam, Netherlands ICMART Conference
7 2022.10.14.~16 Bologna, Italy ICMART Conference
6 2021.07.24 Athens, Greece (Online) ICMART Conference
5 2019.10.25.~27 Gold coast, Australia Annual Conference
4 2018.9.7 Munich, Germany ICMART-iSAMS 2018
3 2014.6.06.~2014.6.08 Istanbul, Turkey ICMART Conference
2 2013.11.29.~2013.12.05. Vienna, Austria ICMART Conference
1 2012.5.25~27 Athens, Greece ICMART Conference


Preventive, Regenerative, and Integrative Medical Alliance Philippines (PRIMAPhil) is a fellowship of patient-centric integrative physicians and dentists practicing Preventive, Regenerative, and Integrative Medicine towards optimal health and quality of life of the Filipino people and the world. We are committed to vigorously pursue the advancement and incorporation of Integrative Medicine into the mainstream in the Philippines and beyond.
On May 7, 2019, the Society of Korean Medicine(SKOM) held a MOU singing ceremony at the Makati Alpha Land City Club in Manila, the Philippines. It promised to promote and cooperate with the Philippine medical community in various ways, including promoting the establishment of oriental medicine, training doctors and medical professors in the Philippines, and promoting various programs to contribute to the academic development and internationalization of Oriental medicine.

History of PRIMA

History of PRIMA
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
4 2019. 5. 7 The City Club Alphaland Makati MOU signing
3 2019.1.5.~9 Manila, Philippines - Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Meeting
2 2019. 9.27~28 Manila, Philippines - Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Integrated medicine as the mainstream medicine
1 2018.9.27.~28 Manila, Philippines –Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Develop integrated medicine into mainstream medicine

Korea-China Symposium on Traditional Medicine
- China Association of Chinese Medicine(CACM)

China Association of Chinese Medicine(CACM) is the first and the biggest organization of Chinese medicine established by China. It is a nationwide, academic, and non-profit incorporated association established by Chinese medical and management professionals along with nationwide organizations of Chinese medicine, education, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, production, and management. Serving as a link between government and medical science technical professionals, CACM, a member of China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), has taken an important social role in the development of Chinese medical science technology.

History of CACM

History of CACM
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
26 2022.11.01. Online, Korea The Role of Traditional Medicine in the COVID-19
25 2022.09.26. Online, China Clinical application of acupuncture, treatment prescription, hip joint disease, pain, etc
24 2021.11.10. Online, China The Role of Traditional Medicine in COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases
23 2020.7.13. Online, Korea The role of tranditional medicine in Corona 19 and infectious diseases
22 2019.7.26.~28. Anhui Hefei Shi, China The transmission and creation of diagnostics
21 2018.8.26. Kimdaejung Convention Center Soft tissue and acupuncture medicine
20 2017.9.20. Sichuan Dujiangyan City, China Cultivation and Zaoliuju and time medicine
19 2015.11.3. Nanyang, Henan, China Korea-China New Theory, New Method, Research on New Technology, and Application of New Products
18 2014. 8.31. COEX, Seoul Korean medicine and mammary gland
17 2013. 9.12.~15 Lanzhou, Gamsuk, China The combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine
16 2012. 9. 16 COEX, Seoul Mind-Body Medicine & Korean Medici Download
15 2011. 6. 18~19 Xian, China Skin Diseases & Immunological System
14 2010. 8. 21~22 Korean Medical Association, Seoul Constitutional Medicine & Respiratory Diseases Download
13 2009. 9. 17~19 Changsha, China Sub-health(亞健康) Download
12 2007. 10. 14 Ramada Hotel, Jeju Locomotorium Diseases Download
11 2006. 9. 21~23 Hangzhou, China Gynecology Diseases Download
10 2005. 10. 21~22 EXCO, Daegu Musculoskeletal Diseases Download
9 2004. 8. 5~6 Qingdao, China Preventive Treatment of Korean Medicine for Hypersensitive Diseases Download
8 2003. 11. 28~29 Kyung Hee Univeristy, Seoul Heart & Brain Diseases Download
7 2002. 8. 17~18 Shanghai, China Geriatric Diseases-Stroke, Dementia, Diabetes, Bone & Joint Diseases Download
6 2001. 10.15 Seoul Educational and Cultural Center, Seoul Korean Medicine in 21st Century and Child
5 1999. 7. 31~8. 2 Kunshan, China Respiratory Diseases
4 1998. 3. 11 Kyung Hee Univeristy, Seoul Tumor
3 1996. 8. 2~5 Shenyang, China Spleen-Stomach Diseases
2 1995. 8. 19 Lotte Hotel, Seoul Liver Diseases
1 1994. 8. 1~2 Beijing, China Stroke


The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies was established in 2003 to enhance understanding and cooperation among Chinese medicine organizations in the world, strengthen academic exchanges, and protect and develop Chinese medicine, and promote cooperation in exchanges with world medicine. Currently, 251 associations and academic societies from 56 countries on six continents, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Africa, are members. Also in Korea, 12 associations and academic societies are registered as affiliated members.
WFCMS is holding the World Pharmaceutical Congress (WCCM) annually to establish international standards for chinese medicines and promote international exchanges and cooperation, since 2004.
The Society of Korean Medicine joined as a member group in 2008 and is working to globalize Chinese medicine by identifying international trends in traditional medicine and promoting Chinese medicine in international traditional medicine.

History of WFCMS

History of WFCMS
No. Date Place Subject Full Text
PDF Download
6 2019.11.8.~9 Budapest, Hungary THe 16th WFCMS World Congress of Chinese Medicine
5 2017.10.19.~22 Bangkok, Thai - AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel THe 14th WFCMS World Congress of Chinese Medicine
4 2013.9.19.~23 San Francisco, The USA THe 10th WFCMS World Congress of Chinese Medicine
3 2012.6.22.~24 Jilin, China THe 9th WFCMS World Congress of Chinese Medicine
2 2010.10 Hague, Netherland THe 7th WFCMS World Congress of Chinese Medicine
1 2009.5.16 Changshayao, Chinea THe 4th WFCMS Board of directors